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Hi, Great to have you here...


I'm new to the industry, started my own home catering at the end of 2019 after being made redundant from an industry I worked in for over 20 years. 


It was always my dream and this gave me the push, having 2 toddlers it was the best option to start from home. Having travelled worldwide due to my previous career and passion for travelling my food pallet was endless my love for authentic flavours and fusions was immense. 


I started with catering for offices, birthday parties and small to medium size events. A variety of cuisine including Indian, Italian, Mexican, fusion to mention a few. Then covid hit and all the offices I delivered to closed and events, parties and gatherings cancelled. 


I quickly turned it round for local home deliveries, but having 2 toddlers at home with me it was difficult to say the least, as summer approached and again things opened up the demand went down so I enjoyed the summer with my girls. 

I look forward to serving you,

Sej  xx

Indian Thali
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